Ramp rental is a good alternative for those who may only need something short term. Most commonly used for post-surgery while healing.

If the ramp exceeds the expected rental time, we do have an option for rent to own.

If the Rental exceeds twelve months, at the twelve month or one year period, the ramp is now considered customer owned with 0 additional charges.

We carry portable single fold suitcase ramps, portable tri fold suitcase ramps, and modular ramps. Modular ramps are designed and fit to the length’s specifications.

For larger Ramps 9ft and above we base the charge off the criteria listed below.

Monthly charge:

  • The installation charge = $30 x total footage of material with ramps 9ft and above. (For ramps 8ft and less refer to the rental option for ramps 1ft. to 8ft. in Length).
  • Equipment charge = $15 x total footage of material.
  • Recovery fee when rental is over flat rate at 175.00$.

Rental is as follows with $ 100.00 deposit refundable upon return

2 ft Ramp $150.00
3 ft Ramp $180.00
4 ft Ramp $225.00
5 ft Ramp $250.00
6 ft Ramp $300.00
7 ft Ramp $360.00
8 ft Ramp $420.00