Stairway Lift, Vertical platform lift, Transfer Lift, Vehicle Hoist lift.
Whether the barrier is small or large there is nothing too big for any one particular lift to overcome! Trouble getting from the first floor to the second or with stairs in general due to mobility or other issues. There are several ways to overcome this. Most common is a Stairway lift of which is designed to be both indoors and out. Accompanied by straight or curved pending on the stair style we have both. More commonly used outside along with stair lifts are vertical platform lifts (VPL).
This allows the Individual to walk or roll up onto the (VPL) via their walker, manual wheelchair, or power mobility chair without ever having to move or get up as it is nothing more than the push of a button to lower or raise the platform. For vehicles of all makes; sedans, SUVs, and trucks. There are Vehicle hoist lifts which allow the individual to place their power mobility product in their vehicle with minimal effort. As far as Patient Transfer lifts, it starts with a manual hydraulic (Hoyer) style hand crank, it then goes into Electric (Hoyer) lifts, sit to stand, up to a track-based patient ceiling hoist lift. Patient ceiling hoist lifts are designed to use for as far as the track system is designed.