Stairway Lift, Vertical platform lift, Transfer Lift, Vehicle Hoist lift.Whether the barrier is small or large there is nothing too big for any one particular lift to overcome! Trouble getting from the first floor to the second or with stairs in general due to mobility or other issues. There are several ways to overcome this. […]


LED grab bars, night glow grab bar, modular grab bar, suction grab bar, grab bar with hand shower attachment, and custom rails as well.Safety is always the utmost important, and with something as small as a grab bar for added stability for specific activities such as; stepping over, getting up, sitting down, hygiene upkeep, i.e., […]


Residential ramps (single fold ramps, tri fold ramps, suitcase single fold ramp, yhreshold ramps, solid surface, portable ramps, modular access ramps, angled entry ramp, and long ramps)Residential ramps serve multiple purposes, whether it is for a safer walkway due to limited mobility, walkers, rollators, a manual wheelchair, power mobility, short term or long term! 


Walk in tubs, Barrier Free Showers, Tub showers, and Tub cut outs for low profile step in.Bathroom Modifications can be a big investment when it comes to accessibility and safety, from a piece in mind, maintaining daily regimes, to living a healthier and safer lifestyle with minimal barriers and risks, leading to an overall better […]